1. They do not require pre-heating

Our devices, contrary to all other available fog machines, leverage dry smoke technology, and require instantaneous only 12V power supply for the detonation of  the fog capsule.

2. They are energy efficient, as they consume minimal power

They do not consume electricity to produce fog, like other devices available

3. They are cheaper

Fogdefence products are the most affordable in the market. Cold fog technology allows us to build efficient products at a very low cost, making security available for all.

4.HD Camera attached to the fog device

So far you could use a simple camera to monitor your indoor area, possibly confirm an unwanted presence, and notify the police. Now you can actually take action to secure your place. Capnos is a plug and play device, that sends you a push notification on your mobile device in the event of a security breach, allowing you to instantly access its mounted HD camera, and in case of a confirmed breach, detonate its fog capsule. This way you can safeguard your indoor areas, and prevent any intrusion.

5. NO Installation fees required

In order to use a Capnos device, you do not need to have it installed by a 3rd party, since it is plug and play device that you can easily install yourself, following a set of short instructions. It connects to your home wifi and you can then monitor your are via an mobile app from your phone (iOS/Android)

6. Easily replaced fog capsule

Replacing the fog capsule is easy and quick, and you can do it yourself.

7. Autonomy

Equipped with a battery, Capnos does not require any external power supply installed, to secure its autonomy in the event of a power outage.

8. Inexpensive consumables

Fog capsules includes in Capnos have a 2 years warranty and do not need replacement, unless detonated.