Fogdefence dry smoke generator integrates with the existing alarm system,

is activated with the trigger of the alarm through a panic button.

It covers a surface of 200 cubic meters in 8 ”.


Security for all!  Efficiently!

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Professional Series


  • Model: JT-044
  • Fog container quantity: 4pcs/ 1 time use
  • Color: Silver-gray
  • Fog formula: Solid food grade/ Non toxic

Protected Area

  • Protected area: closed 200 m3 Area
  • Duration: 45′
  • Start up mode: Panic button, Remote control, Monitoring center
  • Power source: DC 12V, 4A

Dimension and Weight

  • Product weight: 1,97 kg
  • Casing: PVC
  • Product size: 200 x 200 x 75
  • Installation: Ceiling mounting

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