Jewelers are traditionally vulnerable to shoplifting and robbery attempts.

Without the need for an additional installation, Fogdefence fog devices are easily installed in the store area and shield the space within seconds.




Protect your Safe, and exhibition area effectively with Capnos.

Without requiring a 3rd party installation, you can easily mount it on a wall, connect it to your WiFi and power supply, and instantly secure you area.

Capnos is a Plug and Play device, which allows you to receive notification in case of an attempted intrusion into your mobile phone, connect instantaneously to the HD camera and in case of confirmation of a valid intrusion, activate the fog capsule to fully secure your space.

With no residue left, after detonation, and with the dense fog created being harmless to people, animals, not staining clothing, furniture, or disrupting IT and electronic equipment


Total security for everyone!

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