Industrial production units are equipped with valuable machinery and raw materials that are exposed to vandalism or theft.

The interior of these spaces can be shielded, immediately knocking out intruders, in case of an attempted intrusion.



When motion sensors detect human presence within protected area, Fogdefence devices are ready to shield the space. Either through a remote command or automatically when the alarm is activated, a fog detonation is carried out from all the devices that are used to cover your space.

Depending on the size and layout of the protected indoor area, one or more fog devices are placed for optimum protection of the property. In addition, in the Fogdefence fog formula, certain ingredients such as perfumes or fluorescent elements can be added to help the police identify the intruders.

Upon activation, dense fog volume will be produced in seconds to fill the space with the visibility practically diminishing to none. The smoke remains active for 30-45 minutes, allowing sufficient time to the police to arrive and deal with the incident.

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